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Early frog Hero: Paul Hildinger

After having started my own design firm in 1969, the summer of 1970 turned out quite chaotic. I had finished my design studies in Schwäbisch Gmünd, and as my first wife’s father was dying of cancer, she wanted to be … Read More

German Automotive Industry: Wake-Up Call by Covid-19.

Instead of urgently pushing much needed innovation in the wake of COVID-19 and the climate crisis, some German manufacturers are abusing the current crisis. These manufacturers are paying out hefty dividends to shareholders, punishing their workers by forcing them into … Read More

The Internet of Real Things requires a Design Revolution.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the rather simple concept of connecting any device to the Internet, and by extension to potentially any number of other devices. Included among these are “digital” devices which already have a built-in CPU and wireless communication technology, automobiles, and other mobility devices such as scooters, bikes and skates.… Read More

Modular Design for Sustainable Development

In light of Donald Trump’s frivolous withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, receive further information on the official site, it seems ironic to talk about what we designers can do to avert an ecological and human disaster – but I’ll try.… Read More

Norway: Fjords, Trolls and Vikings.

Norway: Fjords, Trolls and Vikings. Having worked with clients in Denmark, Sweden and Finland, Norway still was a blank spot on my Scandinavian experience map. When my daughter Anna announced that she wants to start her summer break by discovering Norway, I offered to be her travel buddy.… Read More

The Big Data Challenge.

Big Data is the new miracle tool in business and marketing to improve customer experience, used to drive more loyalty and sales – or even to predict future desires in product development. In reality though, Big Data is both promising (when used properly) and a curse (when used by naïve people). Any tool can be only as good as the professional using it, and there seems to be too much blind believing into what Big Data and “Data Analysts” – the new saviors everybody is calling for – can achieve.… Read More

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