The Internet of Real Things requires a Design Revolution.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the rather simple concept of connecting any device to the Internet, and by extension to potentially any number of other devices. Included among these are “digital” devices which already have a built-in CPU and wireless communication technology, automobiles, and other mobility devices such as scooters, bikes and skates.… Read More

Modular Design for Sustainable Development

In light of Donald Trump’s frivolous withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, receive further information on the official site, it seems ironic to talk about what we designers can do to avert an ecological and human disaster – but I’ll try.… Read More

Norway: Fjords, Trolls and Vikings.

Norway: Fjords, Trolls and Vikings. Having worked with clients in Denmark, Sweden and Finland, Norway still was a blank spot on my Scandinavian experience map. When my daughter Anna announced that she wants to start her summer break by discovering Norway, I offered to be her travel buddy.… Read More